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Jane Riddell

Principal Architect


   Jane Riddell...

  • hikes

  • loves food and cooking

  • is curious

  • loves exploring

  • is not a good bike rider

  • creates wood sculptures

  • is inspired by creativity

  • paints

  • has two grown children

  • is enthused by design

  • loves gardening and growing vegetables

  • is at home wherever she finds herself

Jane Riddell is a registered architect with years of experience spent creating residential architectural for time poor but energised and enthusiastic clients.

On graduating Jane worked on hotels and schools but an extensive private client list soon encouraged her to launch her own practice concentrating on renovating clients homes and weekenders.

With now grown-up children of her own, Jane understands the pressures of life; of busy people having a thousand things to do which can include a desire to create a home for the most important people in their lives. A place in which individuals can grow and develop and share moments of laughter, learning and living.

Jane believes homes can encourage individuals to be their best and pursue their interest and activities – together, and apart. Family life can be chaotic, but good design makes homes function better. We may need a sense of calm at the end of the day, or we may want to create a place in which extended family and friends can gather to share a meal, recognise significant life milestones or focus.

Jane believes in the intimacy of well scaled spaces and homes, and that the quality of spaces supports healthy communication and family activity. Places and opportunities for incidental conversations have an ever increasing importance in improving family communication, when there is so much opportunity to isolate ourselves with digital inputs.

Jane is involved with each and every project, from inception through to completion. Jane and her team want to know your story, to attend to your concerns, save you time and respond to your needs. Careful guidance through the process, alongside the provision of good information supports you through the decision making.

We want to help you create a home in which life is lived and memories are made. Creating your home is a collaboration. When we know you as people we can reduce your concerns and make the process an enjoyable journey.

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