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has been located in Hawthorn for near on 30 years. Boroondara is our place - the houses and heritage precincts in which the majority of our clients call home. Our strength as a practice lies in our understanding of heritage homes, of their desirability and timelessness. Our second strength lies in our desire to listen to you and to use what we have heard to create a unique design for you, your values and your site.


The process of creating your home for you is all about you. When we get to know you as people, the architecture follows. When we know you, we can create a home with you that you will love – a home that will reflect your desires and aspirations, and changing needs over time. 


Is residential work - creating homes which flexibly serve your needs through the years, and all stages of life. We design for your life, for how you want to live, for you.


Is an expression often bandied around in the practice. Jane Riddell Architects has clients for whom multiple commissions have been completed - from a first home, to a weekender or perhaps an investment property and then to the next home in town. Additionally inter-generation work is also common. We work in a collaborative way, as we guide you through every step of the process. We want to be your Architect for life.

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