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Jane Riddell

Principal Architect

BArch (Hons), The University of Melbourne
Architects Registration Board of Victoria (ARBV) Registration Number: 13677


   Jane Riddell...

  • hikes

  • loves food and cooking

  • is curious

  • loves exploring

  • is not a good bike rider

  • creates wood sculptures

  • is inspired by creativity

  • paints

  • has two grown children

  • is enthused by design

  • loves gardening and growing vegetables

  • is at home wherever she finds herself


Alison Freeman

Associate Architect

BArch Studies, BArch The University of Adelaide
Architects Registration Board of Victoria (ARBV) Registration Number: 15249


   Alison Freeman...

  • is interested in how people live

  • loves subtitled movies

  • is a cultivator of many pot plants

  • is invigorated by spending time in nature

  • appreciates well-considered, thoughtful design

  • has two school age daughters

  • is a recently converted dog lover

  • enjoys baking but not cooking

  • prefers walking to all other modes of transport

  • loves listening to podcasts

  • is happiest when reading a good book

  • has found her niche in residential architecture

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