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Alison Freeman is a registered architect who, after years of experience in other sectors of the profession, has found herself a permanent home in the residential one.

She enjoys the level and rigor of detail required to create bespoke residential work and also the relationships forged and examined during the process.

With a love of materiality Alison has an interest and skill for creating spaces that respond to individual clients needs whilst creating visually harmonious living environments.

As both an Associate and Project Architect Alison enjoys being part of the entirety of the process and provides both a sounding board for clients as well as a conduit to the authorities/consultants and builders that are also part of the construction process.


Alison Freeman

Associate Architect


   Alison Freeman...

  • is interested in how people live

  • loves subtitled movies

  • is a cultivator of many pot plants

  • is invigorated by spending time in nature

  • appreciates well-considered, thoughtful design

  • has two school age daughters

  • is a recently converted dog lover

  • enjoys baking but not cooking

  • prefers walking to all other modes of transport

  • loves listening to podcasts

  • is happiest when reading a good book

  • has found her niche in residential architecture

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